Mariya Boyanova

Fine Art

With TITLE without TITLE

An interesting debate that has accompanied the art scene and me for a long time revolves around the question of whether works of art should be titled or not.

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You have chosen a work of art from the Art Catalog or the website and would like to buy it?

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Rent Art

Art rental offers you flexibility and freedom to redesign creatively your interior again and again.

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How my works are created? What is my technique?

I completely engage with the creative process. I take time to observe and feel the direction in which the artwork is developing in order to achieve the intended balance and harmony.

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Fine Art Print

With this budget-friendly alternative, you enjoy a high-quality fine art print that will delight you with its brilliant colors for a very long time.

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Commissioned Art

A piece of Art created just for you

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    The heart of the artist is the most important thing for me

    I was very pleasantly surprised how the artwork filled my room with its beauty.
    Yordanka S. Auftragskunst-Yordankav

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    After a visit at the studio, I fell in love with this work of art

    The delivery went very well. You could tell that the painting was packaged and shipped by the artist himself.
    Toni   Mariya Boyanova Kunst Referenzen Toni

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    An artwork, that makes me feel the taste of life, is priceless to me

    This painting always transports me to the most beautiful moment in life - in the hot summer, in the emerald green waters of the Adriatic and the setting sun over Mount Olympus, in the playful breeze from the shore.
    Rosen D.   Auftragskunst-Rosen 3

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    The painting lends character to my home

    The artwork arrived home just before Christmas. It was a very special moment - the impression the artwork made in my own home exceeded my expectations.
    Angel B.   Auftragskunst-Angel