new music

A photographic series of music concerts and performative festivals New music in Berlin between 2018-2021 Experiment : hören – Intersonanzen . Brandenburgisches Fest der neuen Musik 2021 Jugend komponiert 2020 – Landesmusikrat Brandenburg Weg_Aspekt: Diskurs – Intersonanzen . Brandenburgisches Fest der neuen Musik 2020 Einheit und Differenz – Intersonanzen . Brandenburgisches Fest der neuen Musik 2019 Stimmt! – Intersonanzen . Brandenburgisches Fest der neuen Musik 2018 WAH | FarNear – a performative space-concert by WAH  

behind the scenes – portraits

This Portrait Photo series is part of the Danceble Spaces Project with Laura Esther Wimmer, Martha Ostwald and Frieda Bechlem.  

Theatre & Performing Arts

  Opern-Triptychon - Neue Szenen IV   Sehnsucht und Angst gleichermaßen verbindet die Menschheit seit ihren Anfängen mit dem Meer. Es war der Ort des Unbekannten und Unerforschten, dort wo nie gesehene Ungeheuer in den Tiefen des Meeres vermutet wurden, wo die Fahrt hinaus in die Wasserwüste ein Abenteuer mit ungewissem Ausgang war und wo weit hinter dem Horizont der Ozean über den Rand der Weltenscheibe in die Tiefe stürzte. Und zugleich steht das Meer für die Erfahrung des Unendlichen und des Erhabenen, für den Aufbruch des Menschen in bislang unbekannte Welten, ist völkerverbindender Handelsweg und beliebter Urlaubsort. Und zugleich sind die Tiefen des Meeres Chiffren für die Welt des Unterbewussten, für die Abgründe und Schattenräume der menschlichen Psyche. Quelle: Deutsche Oper   Am Grund gibt's keinen Grund mehr nach dem Grund zu fragenEine Kammeroper von Sven Daigger mit einem Libretto von Fanny Sorgo und in einer Inszenierung von Anna-Sophie Weber EurydikeEine Kammeroper von Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis mit einem Libretto von Uta Bierbaum und in einer Inszenierung von Johanna Frech AufbruchEine Kammeroper von Josep Planells Schiaffino mit einem Libretto von Debo Kötting und in einer Inszenierung von Selina Thüring Bühne: Ivan Ivanov Musikalische Leitung: Manuel Nawri, Ni Fan Produktion:  […]

Road without shoulders

Photo Essay from Israel It’s tight, it’s hot, everything is on the street. You can’t stop… you can only go forward… And what I encountered on the way, I photographed. Everything along the way presents itself so authentic – to feel, smell, hear, see and touch it. Ordinary moments that revealed to me the obvious and hidden feelings, beliefs and hopes of individuals. Valuable moments of rest, reflection, joy, terror. Components of life, so small, so uninteresting, that no one can appreciate. Life goes on undisturbed, without people paying any special attention to the moment. I experienced them up close – secret, related, faceless, human – just as they always are. The pictures were taken in the summer of 2014, mostly in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. My desire not to spoil the mood that was already there with my presence and thereby capture people in their most natural state, led me to the experiment of constantly photographing without being able to see the chosen motifs through the lenses. I deliberately didn’t hold the camera in front of my eye, but took the picture with my hand.  

Unter vier Augen

Photo exhibition UNTER VIER AUGEN / IN PRIVATE by Mariya Boyanova & Lothar Hartmann Two photographers from different generations meet in a photo exhibition “In private”. In their photo work they show Berlin now and then, each one from their own perspective.  

Danceable spaces

Dance-Photo Projects How do we perceive spaces? Can we consciously perceive and change the quality of a space? To what extent can we people integrate into a space? In these photo projects I visually explore the concrete and abstract relationship between people and space. I want to inspire dancers to explore space and represent their relationship with it through movement. Many thanks to the dancers Laura, Martha & Frieda!   BETANZBARE RÄUME Wie nehmen wir Räume wahr? Kann man die Qualität eines Raumes bewusst wahrnehmen und verändern? Inwieweit kann sich der Mensch in einem Raum integrieren? In diesen Fotoprojekten erforsche ich visuell die konkrete und abstrakte Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Raum. Dadurch möchte ich Tänzer inspirieren, den Raum zu erforschen und ihre Beziehung mit ihm durch die Bewegung darzustellen. Herzlichen Dank an die Tänzerinnen Laura, Martha & Frieda!  


LA VIDA ES SUEÑO „What is life? ‘Tis but a madness. What is life? A thing that seems, A mirage that falsely gleams, Phantom joy, delusive rest, Since is life a dream at best, And even dreams themselves are dreams.“ Pedro Calderon de la Barca I was lucky to accompany with my camera the audio recordings of the cartoon LA VIDA ES SUEÑO / LIFE IS A DREAM by Ivan Ivanov and Nelson Siegert, which took place in the recording studio of “Noah’s Boat”. This day not only provided us with fabulous soft light, but also brought us lots of joy and laughter.    

Portrait of a Space

We often see the space as a reflection of the people who inhabit it, play wthin it, create or destroy it. Nevertheless, it lives his own life, which extends far beyond the lifetime of a person. I perceive the space as a living creature with its own face and an individual character.  

Man & Nature

Photo Essay The theme “MAN & NATURE” has naturally developed from my walks with the camera. It is simply not to be overlooked the extent to which man invades nature, restricts and damages it through his actions.  

The Dancer

Photo Exhibition For me, dance photography remains a fascinating field full of discoveries and joy. How gracefully and expressively man can move! Music, movement and form merge together. For me, dance is the embodiment of pure beauty combined with freedom. The eye and the camera are enchanted by this moment. Two parallel dance worlds touch through the eyes of the observer, two worlds that speak one language…