WAH | FarNear
a performative space-concert by WAH

The past remains present as echo, reverberation, track. As memory and imagination. Space accumulates time. Sound diversifies time. In the Old Parish Church of Lichtenberg, the art collective WAH uses acoustic, electroacoustic and digital sound to make time and space layers resonate.
The art collective WAH has been working since 2016 at the interface of dance/choreography, sound art, digital art, video, extended voice and experimental music. Anja Weber, Jagna Anderson and Dodi Helschinger share the common interest in a choreographic process, that organizes in space and time a transdisciplinary continuum of analogue and digital means of expression.

Quelle: WAH

Konzept und Performance: WAH [Jagna Anderson, Dodi Helschinger, Anja Weber]

May, 2019, Berlin, Alte Pfarrkirche Lichtenberg