Mariya Boyanova

Fine Art

Rent Art

Painting, drawing or graphic arts?

You really like the pictures, but you’re still not sure what effect they would have in your interior?

Mariya Boyanova Rent Art

Art rental offers you flexibility and freedom
to redesign creatively your interior again and again.

Your space will become an inspiring place that constantly awakens for fresh ideas and inspiration.

Easily present high-quality works of art in your interior without any time-consuming framing work or elaborate preparations.

Choose from the Art Catalog over 90 framed artworks that are ready to hang.

Invest the rent paid in your future artwork

If you fall in love with a piece of art and want to keep it forever, the rent paid will be credited against the purchase of the artwork.
This is a long-term and sustainable investment that you can use to build up your art collection.

Private individuals, institutions and companies alike,

renting art is uncomplicated and transparent

Rental period
The minimum rental period is 6 months for private individuals and 12 months for companies. The rental period always starts at the beginning of the month.

Rental fee
The rental fee is based on the sales price: 3% of the sales price per month.

We strongly recommend that you insure the artwork for the duration of the loan period. Household contents insurance is a prerequisite for private individuals when renting artworks.
A written rental agreement with purchase option is concluded for each rental.

Individual consultation and support

I will be happy to advise you to find the right artwork or art concept for your spaces.

Write to me without obligation at contact-at-mariyaboyanova-dot-com.