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„Constantly connecting, constantly flowing.“

Chen Zhaokui

I dedicate my art to people who want to feel the wholeness and interconnectedness of life and find their own balance between chaos and order.

Feeling “thrown into life”, fears, problems and obstacles can be overcome by trusting in the powerful evolutionary processes and by consciously integrating with life.

Even in seemingly complex chaotic events there is harmony.

My artworks embody the processes of renewal and adaptation. They are an expression of the delicate balance between chaos and order and a reminder to live in harmony with the rhythm of the universe.
Contemplating these abstract artworks allows you to explore the universal principle and yourself on a deeper level.

My Inspiration 

Fascination for planetary and cosmic processes

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How my works are created? What is my technique?

I completely engage with the creative process. I take time to observe and feel the direction in which the artwork is developing in order to achieve the intended balance and harmony.

With TITLE without TITLE

An interesting debate that has accompanied the art scene and me for a long time revolves around the question of whether works of art should be titled or not.

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With this budget-friendly alternative, you enjoy a high-quality fine art print that will delight you with its brilliant colors for a very long time.

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