Mariya Boyanova

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Mariya Boyanova artist

„Constantly connecting, constantly flowing.“

Chen Zhaokui

Mariya Boyanova

Fascination for planetary and cosmic processes

I was born and grew up near a volcano. From my window, I had a direct view of the beautiful Vitosha.
It is said that Vitosha can erupt at any moment. The stone flows from the last eruption were proof of this.

As a child, I imagined the enormous processes taking place inside the mountain. What would happen to the approximately 1 million inhabitants if lava suddenly flowed down over the city? I decided to keep an eye on this mountain range.

Over time, this primal fear has become my greatest fascination. It was a decisive factor in my artistic exploration of the powerful planetary processes and cosmic phenomena. I realized that the transformation in nature is not a catastrophe, but a necessary actualization.

My artworks embody the processes of renewal and adaptation. They are an expression of the delicate balance between chaos and order and a reminder to live in harmony with the rhythm of the universe.
Contemplating these abstract artworks allows you to explore the universal principle and yourself on a deeper level.

Feeling “thrown into life”, fears, problems and obstacles can be overcome by trusting in the powerful evolutionary processes and by consciously integrating with life.

Even in seemingly complex chaotic events there is harmony.
I dedicate my art to people who want to feel the wholeness and interconnectedness of life and find their own balance between chaos and order.

Mariya Boyanova Kunst Kosmischer Staub

I grow with the Art

and the Art grows with me

Already as a child I wanted to become a painter and was lucky enough to later study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. The “Glass & Porcelain” course was very classically oriented. I focused extensively on design, sculpture, graphics and painting. I was particularly enthusiastic about working with clay, glass and porcelain and explore their mechanical and chemical properties.

My various activities as a graphic and interior designer, photographer and art teacher have strongly influenced my artistic work and are now mostly expressed in my paintings.


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