Mariya Boyanova

Fine Art

How my works are created? 

I completely engage with the creative process. I take time to observe and feel the direction in which the artwork is developing in order to achieve the intended balance and harmony.
While painting, I feel like a rope walker, stepping forward carefully and bravely at the same time. When is a painting finished? When it doesn’t tilt either to the left or to the right.

Mariya Boyanova Künstler Technik

What is my technique?

I explore and experiment with the possibilities and limits of different materials. I find random techniques particularly exciting, as their biochemical and physical characteristics give the paintings a completely natural materiality and aesthetic.
For my artworks, I choose high-quality acrylic paints that provide stability and longevity, so that the artwork still inspires with brilliance and freshness even after decades. I enjoy painting on canvas as well as on paper and am very interested in mixed media and collages. For some artworks I create my own papers and incorporate natural materials.