Mariya Boyanova

Fine Art


Photo Essay from Israel

It’s narrow, it’s hot, everything is on the road.

You can’t stop … you can only go forward …

And I absorbed everything that I encountered along the way. Everything on the way is so authentic – you can feel, smell, hear, see and touch it.

Ordinary moments that revealed to me the obvious and hidden feelings, beliefs and hopes of individuals. Precious moments of peacefulness, of contemplation, of joy, of terror. Ingredients of life, so small, so insignificant, that no one seems to appreciate them. Life goes on undisturbed, without anyone paying special attention to these small moments.

Up close, I experienced them – hidden, related, faceless, humane – just as they always were.

The photographes were taken in the summer of 2014, mostly in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

My intention not to disturb the “already-there atmosphere” with my presence and thus to capture the people in their most natural state led me to the experiment photographing without looking through the lenses.